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New Leaf QR Codes


A baby sloth. :-3


Outfit: Selina Lady Dress
Origin: Mabinogi


princess peach’s brawl dress. i based it off of the official nintendo one. I have a QR app on my phone that showed a small preview of the design so that I was able to replicate the pixels exactly.


Dress Compilation by じゅ


Polka Dot Kimono by mimitab


I just spent a bit of time on a new design. This is a jacket owned by the main character of a story I wrote. It’s created for her by magic!
Since I made her likeness in the game, I figured I needed to make her jacket.
I thought someone might like to use it as well, so here it is.



-Maria’s Big Sis Overalls

-Lucille’s Lil’ Sis Overalls

-Waria’s Bad Sis Overalls

Ever since I saw that they had the hats for Mario, Luigi, AND now having Wario, it was super disappointing to see that the Big Bro and Lil’ Bro shirts were exactly the same. But then I got the idea to do this!

Since girls, due to being able to wear a dress without nearly as many funny looks, can have a full outfit on both the top and bottom halves completely custom, I decided to use these to make overall dresses based on the 3 plumbers represented. Trust me, if there was a Waluigi hat, I’d be making one for him too…

You’ll also notice that the overalls actually go around the neck now, and that’s because much like Knit hats, there’s a point where the texture curves around the model, so you need to manipulate the overalls to wrap around properly. I may revise the Hammer Suit Shirt to follow suit. I also added a belt, a trim, and some back pockets to make it less plain.

Maria, of course, sports the red shirt and blue overalls, and converting it to Lucille’s green shirt and darker overalls was easy enough, but then comes Waria, with the purple colors… It was weird getting the proper colors for this to look not totally lame. I also added a little more detail, like the short sleeves having the line to mimic the tip of Wario’s cap, and a W on the back because Wario added Ws to his gloves. Speaking of Wario’s headwear, why is it called “Wario Hat” in game when the other bro items are “___ Bro ___”, including the Bad Bro Mustache? Eh…

Overall*, I think I can chalk his up as another successful set! If you like the set, you should totally reblog it, as it’d really help me out!

*I swear that pun was unintended.


I made Ash’s shirt. :3


Ahri’s “Midnight Ahri” outfit from League of Legends. I actually used the higher quality of her in game model as the true reference.


6. DEADPOOOL! C’mon we all love him, and we all own something Deadpool related ;D