Hello there, and welcome to my blog! Here you will find a bunch of codes for paths, clothing, wallpapers, and lots of other things! I do not make any of my own designs, so I do not take requests. However, if you ask nicely, I can take a look at finding something for you that already exists!

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New Leaf QR Codes
› (Reposting for the night crew) Elusive "rosy bricks" center tile found!!



I’ve managed to track down the brick-only path piece from this set, which I know many of us have been trying to find. Only I found it on a thread on the bell tree forums, where a user called Amykins posted two nearly-identical sets months before pixelroses did — one with ivy, and one with…


My second full path for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is Part 1, Part 2 is coming!


Pavé Dress

An outfit to match the Pavé furniture set (because who doesn’t want to look like their furniture)

Edit: A few of you guys are commenting on the posters, the Phil and Sherlock ones were not made by me, but the Dan one was - click here to view it




alright, so my buddy pointed out that while we were both wearing the Red Letter Jacket, her native fruit actually was the cherry while mine was the pear.

so i thought, some time later, why not make jackets for the other town fruits? AND SO I DID.

now now, don’t go telling me that i didn’t post the qr for the cherry one, it’s a purchasable shirt, that’s why i put the catalog listing in!

anyway, enjoy!


Mixed Brick Paths + Garden Stone (source)


Beautiful cherry blossom covered path from source

(Source: ningyou-crossing)




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Converted single-patterns from Animal Crossing games from the past. Oh joy! Can be used for… whatever. Sorry if the quality of some are low, it’s due to the palette changes in the series.

Mother of animals!

I’ve been looking for this everywhere

(Source: merongcrossing)

Anonymous said:
Hi, I've just had a quick look at you're designs and they're amazing. I've got Sable's giant sewing machine but I just don't know how to get the QR codes from here to my game. If you could inform me, that'd be great. Many thanks!

Thank you! (None of these designs are my own, by the way!) But to get the codes into your game, you must use the sewing machine and select “Read a QR code” and you’ll be presented with a camera screen. Just line up the codes with the boxes on the screen and you’ll have what you want!

Anonymous said:
I know you have patterns for clothing,funiture, etc. but do you have any designs that you can hang up in your house like windows or paintings?

If the designs can be used for paintings/hung up on walls, I usually toss them in with the furniture tag.