Hello there, and welcome to my blog! Here you will find a bunch of codes for paths, clothing, wallpapers, and lots of other things! I do not make any of my own designs, so I do not take requests. However, if you ask nicely, I can take a look at finding something for you that already exists!

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Anonymous said:
How do I get the clothes you are posting ? Or do I just try and design them?

To get the clothes in your game, you have to keep talking to Sable (the quiet one) in the Able Sister’s shop until she tells you about the big sewing machine that she gets. This takes a number of days to accomplish, but afterwards you are free to use it any time.

Christmas and Winter outfits!

(Source: merongcrossing)


Inspired by my love of the film Moulin Rouge! and intricate, old dresses. I wish the hat was pink too! Enjoy :)


Frankie from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, as requested by Bulbasaur-001. 


* Happy Holidays ~! *

Here’s a snowy coat pattern for you to enjoy, decorated with snowflakes, bows and little flowers in the print!

please be courteous and do not repost my designs ♥


* Happy Holidays everyone! *

I decided to make a Christmas-y themed coat-dress, it kind of matches with Teacake’s Cafe Holiday pattern! It may be a little difficult to tell but there’s snowflakes, presents, cookies, a candy cane and holly berries printed on the dress!

please be courteous and do not repost my designs ♥

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For the anon that requested a scarf be added to the deer sweater!



I noticed this absolutely amazing sweater going around tumblr recently and had wanted to challenge myself to make it as it looks simple, but was actually really hard.

I think it looks wonderful on!

The original swearer can be found here:


Submitted by: nyanchan5 (x)